O is for….

…oars.  This photo was taken at Jericho Beach a couple of months ago.

N is for…..

…NO surprise to those who know me.  My favorite “N”…..NEVA!  This photo is an oldie but a goodie…..Neva admiring her own loveliness in our bathroom mirror.  NEVA!

M is for…..

…mushrooms.  I LOVE this time of year, and all that we see growing in the dirt.

L is for…..

…ladybug.  (which bring us LUCK when they LAND on us!  HA) This was taken in July.  Sadly, the ladybugs have all gone for the year now.  See you next summer lady bugs!

K is for…..

…kites.  My mom and I saw these flying when we had a drive/outing a couple of weeks ago.

J is for….

….jellyfish.  I saw this massive jellyfish at the ferry terminal a few weeks ago.  There were tons of them, and they were amazing.

H and I…..

I’m back from my mom’s house in Victoria, and catching up on the next two letters. H is for HORSE and HORSESHOE.  (I’d guess kicking would be the worst occupational hazard for this woman) And I is for ICE CREAM.  These cones are from the Beacon Drive In, in Victoria.  There is something about that…

G is for…..

…Gordon Point.  I am over with  my Mom in Victoria, though I didn’t take this photo during this visit.  Gordon Point isn’t far from my Mom’s house, and it is a lovely place to go for a morning walk. (or kayak…though I can’t verify that from personal experience)  I hope everyone has a great week…

F is for……

..Frog.  This is a little guy I saw a couple of weeks ago in Richmond Nature Park. And one other thing…..HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my husband Dennis and I.  Eleven years ago today, we tied the knot.  Cheers to many more!!!  And happy weekend to all!

E is for…..

…..Eagle.  This photo was taken through a wire fence at the O.W.L (Orphaned Wildlife) Rehabilitation Centre in May.  We were lucky enough to see two eagles released back to the wild after being brought back from illness/injury at the Centre.  (it was amazing) BONUS “E” – I was at the eye doctor today for a…

D is for….

…..Duck and ducklings….the ducklings are in the same pose.  They are doubles.  :)

C is for….

….Clouds, Coastline and Costa Rica.   I took this shot at Montazuma Beach, when we were volunteering to save turtles last year.  It is a magical place….