Go Dog Go!!!

Yesterday, we went and saw the silliest, cutest little races ever!  It was “Dog Day at Hastings Race Track”.  Yesterday, it was the “weinerdog run”.   (the dogs just had fun between horse races.  Fun!)  Also in this grouping, a couple of birds at our deck feeder, and a lovely park with public art.  Enjoy!  

Just a few from this weekend

I took a TON of photos today, but before I sift through them, cull and share, I’ll just leave a few shots from the last couple of days here for you to enjoy.  Have a great week everyone!

Richmond, BC day (part 2)

Catching up on photos from my day in Richmond this week.  This deck has shots from a STUNNING and peaceful Buddhist Temple, and a farm market.  I’m not sure what I like more there, the local and affordable produce, or the fact that farm animals walk around freely.  And at the end of the post? …

Richmond, B.C day (part 1)

I had Tuesday off of work, and used the day to run some errands in Richmond, which is about half an hour outside of Vancouver.  Here is part one of the photos I shot throughout the day.  

Babies and whales and deers….oh my!

What a stupid title.  I apologize.  LOL!   Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Just dropping a few photos taken today.  As you can see, it was a good “wildlife” day.  Happy Weekend to all!

Friday Pics

I have taken a lot of photos this week….and it has been busy, so I haven’t had time to share.  Here are a few, all birds, but further pictures last week are MUCH more than birds.  Have a great weekend everyone!  

Quick Check In….

..from me, and this chatty baby hummingbird who’s been hanging out in the tree by our deck.  More photos to share soon!

Swallowed It Whole

Today’s photos are from a walk this weekend.  I went to English Bay and Lost Lagoon.  Good for the soul, and good for the heron that found a massive fish.  He swallowed it whole, and it was disgusting and fascinating at the same time.  I hope you enjoy the shots!  And, to my fellow Canadians…happy…

Bird Ponds, and lots of birds….

Today’s photos are from the bird pond close to our community garden, updates on the baby birds at our neighboring garden plot (AWW!), blooms, a collegue’s dog and some ducklings that have moved in to a water feature by the city hospital.  Enjoy!

My week last week – Part 3

I’ll will have caught up after today’s post.  This is the last deck of photos on my camera.  They’re all very self explanitory, so no descriptions needed.  Just enjoy. Have a great weekend everyone!!