Low Tide, High Sun….

…beautiful walk.  I went to Jericho Beach one afternoon last week.  As the title says, the tide was WAY out, the sun was bright, and the photos were plentiful.  (there are also a few photos of some sunset pictures I took in a graveyard because the light was so interesting, a few taken at the…

Last Weekend….

I’ve gathered up the plethora of photos I took last weekend, and have narrowed it down to these.  I hope you don’t get bored with the seals…. LOL!  Enjoy!! (Warning: there are lots of photos…scroll as slowly or as quickly as you like!)

Odds and Ends

I’m still sifting through the bajillion photos I took last weekend.  Before I get then organized, I’m just sharing these little odds and ends from the camera…. Neva and her fabulous foot floof…. A random heart in a leaf….. Carbonated water bubbles on a lime…. A snail that I walked by on the way to…

What a Wild Day

Wild, in a sense of WOW….so much wildlife.  At ferry terminals, and around my Mom’s place in Victoria.  WAY more to follow, but here is just a little taste of things I saw yesterday.  Enjoy!

Good for the soul

Last night, I took a lovely walk around one of my happy places, Lost Lagoon in Stanley park.  Before that though, my plastic frog imitated a frog in my workplace aquarium… …so silly.  Here are pics from the park.  Enjoy!  

Three Day Weekend

We had a lovey long weekend.  Happy B.C Day to my fellow British Columbians.  These are the photos that I took over the last three days; on our deck, down at the bird pond, at our community garden, over at friends (who have the best dogs!), and in New Westminster and Richmond.  Enjoy….

The Rest of Last Week

Closing out the photos of last week with shots from our day trip to Delta, our community garden, assorted birds and flowers, a very silly photo prop on our deck, a headless pigeon (not!  But looks like it), a few random city pictures and the rescue of an orphaned seagull.  Enjoy!  

In my world this week….

…at the bird pond, our community garden, with my silly frog, pretty flowers, yawning kitties, wasps and kids in boats.  Enjoy the photos.  And enjoy the weekend everyone!

Five from Sunday

I have some fun shots that I took when Dennis and I went for a little Sunday Drive….but I haven’t had a chance to edit.  So…for now, here is a very very long train (don’t see those too often!) An angry, and hungry hawk…. Neva looking adorable…. And a random heart seen at our little…

Let’s Dance

Last week, I took photos of a dance team for a friend.  Not only did I watch her performance, I stuck around for the other two troupes performing at the Kitsilano Showboat that night.  I realized a few things….that dancers are athletes, that sunset makes good light for photos, and OMG, I’m out of shape! …

The rest of the last week

I’m ALMOST caught up with photos from the last week.  Phew!  So to start the weekend, I’m sharing the rest of last week’s shots today, and am set to move on to the weekend.  Happy last weekend of July everyone!

The Gardens At HCP

Last weekend, when I was over with my Mom, I stopped by the Gardens at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific.  I’d wanted to stop by for a long time, and it was lovely and worth the visit for sure.  Enjoy the shots that I took, and if you are in Victoria, BC…..it is worth…