Just a quickie

I spent the day at work and running errands, so don’t have many photos of note today.  I did however, attach my elf to the horse’s a%$ trophy we have at work.  He is Centaur Elf.


This sign is misleading, there was no snow or ice…


I think I found a friend for Elf, in a store window.


There was a reindeer in there too….


This was in front of a dentist’s office.  Funny…


I was in a store that sells bird feeders/seeds etc.  This is Abby, the 18 1/2 year old resident kitty.  The man in the store told me she used to be a mouser, now she just hangs out.  AWW!


And I added a pin to the “track the winter hummingbird” map.


I like this sweater, to look at, but I think I’m the wrong shape to wear it.  🙂


And finally, Neva was having fun on the chair that I’d moved around tonight.  Apparently, it is now HER chair.  LOL!  Such a lady…


We’re off to my Mom’s tomorrow for Christmas.  Will post some pictures from the journey tomorrow.  Happy Christmas Eve to all!!

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