My fifteen seconds of fame

This morning, we had a good dusting of snow.  Let’s hope that’s it for the winter. (we’re not used to snow here in Vancouver) I went for a walk at lunchtime to see if I could take a photo of the now famous urban beaver who is building a damn in a park.  No sighting today, but a news crew was there covering the story. We got chatting, I told them I’d seen the beaver a couple of weeks ago, and they asked if they could use some of the photos I’d taken for their news story.  They also interviewed me, and I was on the news tonight.  As the title says, it may be my fifteen seconds of fame. (Andy Warhol said everyone is famous for fifteen minutes, but I apparently was short changed.  LOL)  Here are photos from my day.  Enjoy….

















Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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  1. Christine Lemieux says:

    Congratulations Roz! You should submit photo’s to them for their stories that match. CBC Toronto asks people to submit photos related to weather and aired during the weather broadcast. A great addition to the show!


  2. Shelley B says:

    I saw you on the news via the FB link – so, so cool to hear your voice and see you “in person”!!!


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      LOL! Thanks Shelley. Generally I don’t squint into the sun, push my face back and produce 19 chins….Dennis said I look better in real life. But it is HILARIOUS!!!! My beaver was on the news!!!


  3. Biz says:

    I didn’t see the video on FB yet, I need to check that out – how cool?! Hugs!


  4. findingradiance says:

    Congrats! Maybe publishing those photos will lead to something, who knows?


  5. Fran says:

    I watched it today on FB and like Shelley: so nice to see you in person and hear your voice.

    Can you tell what kind of bird it is in the middle that has spread his wings? Everyday when I drive home I see a couple of them sitting on street lights, usually with their wings spread but I don’t know what they are.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      Hi Fran! I look forward to you seeing me when i’m not squinting into the sun, and scrunching my head back so I have a uni-chin. LOL! Resolution for 2016….maybe quit being so hard on myself. (but it is proven and confirmed, cameras don’t love me) ANYWAY….the bird is a cormorant. They’re not cute, but they are fascinating! (like me! HA!!! Kidding, kidding, kidding…..LOL! Really, I was kidding)


      1. Fran says:

        Hmmm we see things differently: I see my lovely friend with a very nice voice. And yes: you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself but I do understand that, I’m the same.

        Thanks for the info, they are called “aalscholvers” in Dutch. And I don’t think they are cute either. I am always intrigued why they sit there with their wings spread.


  6. You are always famous to me! How exciting for you!


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