Saddle up….

We had plans to go to friends to watch the Academy Awards, but illness changed those plans, so I visited Cousin Helen, ran a few errands, and did a photo drive/walk around the Southlands area of the city.  I stopped in at a working farm/community garden, where there was all kinds of activity going on….

Lost Lagoon and Throwdown

It is WAY past my bedtime, but I wanted to do a quick photo dump tonight, since I didn’t post yesterday. This morning, I watched hummingbirds, went for a photo walk around Lost Lagoon, and tonight, we had a “throwdown” tongue in cheek dinner party competition with friends.  Here are shots from the day….  

That’s MY starfish…

Lots of pics today, from a lunchtime walk (watching seagulls feed on starfish), spring blooms, and the beaver damn (but no beaver), and on a walk after work to Granville Island where there were all kinds of things to see, like people, birds, random toys in a tree, views and artwork in windows.  Enjoy….  

Something fishy…

Not too many pictures today.   I saw two smiley faces when I cut some bread for toast this morning. helped me embellish even further.  🙂 When I walked to work, I saw this HUGE cluster of late season mushrooms…most of these were long gone months ago.  I had a nickel in my pocket,…

Glass, dogs and more….

I had to leave work early for an appointment today.  Dennis picked me up afterward, and we went to look at a stained glass studio, drove by a very unusual vehicle that was parked on the street, then walked around Trout Lake Park.  (so nice that the evenings are getting lighter)  The park is a…

Sunday Catch Up and Monday Snippets

I am sharing photos from my Mom’s Birthday High Tea, shots of the area, and pictures of deer, all taken yesterday.  (one of the photos features the “famous in the neighborhood” deer, Stumpy, who was born with only three feet, and he hops around the neighborhood and is happy and healthy.)  Today, I collaged Neva…

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

BIG Happy Birthday to my Mom!  Dennis and I are over in  Victoria celebrating with her.  Today, I’m doing a quick photo dump of photos from my rainy day yesterday, Eagles that I saw from the car on our drive to the ferry, the actually ferry crossing (and a sneaky self portrait), some sheep and…

Signs of Spring

We’re not there yet, but there are a few signs of spring starting to show up.  I walked by the beaver pond today, didn’t see any beavers but saw birds, evidence that the pond is pretty close to a dog park, I was VERY excited to see a Cooper’s Hawk, which I rarely see in…

Wednesday Walkabout

Sigh.  I seem to have title block lately….I’ll work on that.  🙂  Today, I share my barista cup, my lunchtime walk pictures (please don’t hate me for showing a VERY early cherry blossom) and a funky rock.  Enjoy.

Tuesday shots

Today, we had a small reprieve from the rain, so I went out and lunchtime and got a little sunshine.  I also am sharing two shots of Neva because they crack me up, and my note from my barista this morning. Happy Wednesday to all!

Uneventful rainy Monday

It was absolutely FOUL out today.  Rainy, windy and gray.  I ventured out for a short walk by the bird pond. Neva slept through it.  Here are just a few shots from the day.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My valentine is a little under the weather, so it was a low key day.  I also visited Cousin Helen, and went for a quick photo grab in Queen Elizabeth Park.  It was foggy and rainy, but love was in the air. Here are some of the day’s photos….  Have a great week ahead everyone!