Sunday and Monday Roundup

Hi all.  Tonight, I’ll be sharing shots from the last couple of days.  My mom and I went to Esquimalt Lagoon yesterday, it was beautiful, but the cygnets we went looking for weren’t there.  Next time!!  There are also assorted dogs and cats, shots from the ferry ride last night, bugs, birds, ducklings, goslings, our…

Rainy Day at my Mom’s

Hi from Victoria!  I’m over here at my Mom’s place for the weekend. No Neva, you can’t come with me…. It was a grey, rainy day, so there aren’t too many photos of the ferry and crossing.  The first was on the ground on the ferry terminal.  Not good.. And more from the terminal and…

Quick post for Friday

Hi everyone!  It is a bit late, so quickly sharing shots from the day.  SOOOO happy that my leg muscle is feeling better, so I was able to take a lunchtime walk.  Not quite as long as normal, but it was a good start. The ducklings and goslings are growing quickly, there were other blooms…

The Last Couple of Days

Hello all!  Hope your weeks have been good.  For me?  Between too much work, and a nasty pulled muscle in my leg (OWCH!) my walks have been pretty non existent.  That said, here are some shots from my last couple of days…. Neva had a photo shoot (HA!  Such a model) in a sunbeam yesterday……..

Future Goose Whisperer

I had my standard “stop by the community garden then keep going to Granville Island” walk after work.  Sharing some shots from the walk including some of a little girl (Cara) who truly is a future goose whisperer.  Photos were taken and posted with permission (and emailed to) Cara’s Dad.   I also saw a…

Victoria Day

We’ve been off work today for Victoria Day.  I don’t have too many photos, as we’ve spent the bulk of the day either slothing around this morning, then running a bunch of errands this afternoon.  However, I will share… A gag cake from last night (holy smokes, it was SWEET)…. Neva’s obsession with her shoe…

They’ll be gone soon….

Today, I went for a walk around one of my Happy Places, Lost Lagoon.  Every walk has different nature shots to take.  And today’s post may be a little gosling/duckling centric, but they are GORGEOUS, and will be grown/gone soon.   I love taking these photos, I hope you enjoy scrolling through.

Clucks and Neighs

I don’t have too many photos to share today.  Dennis and I were out and about and made a detour around the Southlands area.  We went to look at plants, didn’t buy any, but saw a little farm with horses, chickens and a sheep.  We took a little walk by the Fraser River too.  Please…

Friday Flowers, Feathers and Fluff

Happy Friday everyone.  Just catching up from yesterday and today.  (I didn’t post last night because I was out late getting “sassified” at the hairdresser)  Today though, I will share pictures of feathers, fuzzy babies, flowers and assorted other “finds” from the last couple of days.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

OOOOH, Look Who’s Back!

Surprise!  The Urban Beaver has made a return.   His photos, and a few other shots from my lunchtime walk are below.  I hope you enjoy them….

Monday/Tuesday catch up

It’s been a busy couple of days, but I’ll still share some photos from the last couple of days.  Springtime, the season of birds, babies, blooms and other assorted pieces of interest.  Enjoy!  More regular posting should return tomorrow.  🙂

Out and About on Sunday

I had a pretty busy, errand filled day.  But took a bunch of pictures of a house with spun wool hanging outside, in parks by my grocery store, Trout Lake, (where I watched crows being cheeky, and a mom duck with some teen looking ducklings.  I also people watched, and watched dogs having a great…