Going exploring

Recently, a colleague of mine told me about a park/beach that I’d never heard of or been to.  It is very close to the airport, and contains a wildlife refuge, a beach and some interesting views.  Dennis and I decided to venture there today.  Here are the photos from our exploration (as well as a…

Standard Late Spring Post

Today’s photos just show what I saw on my walk after work to water our little community garden and to Granville Island.  Radish seeds are radishing (ha), blooms are blooming, fountains are fountaining, and my little aquarium at work has a couple of cute faces.  Goslings and ducklings are very, very cute too.  Have a…

Cat lovers, you’ll like this post…..

Tonight, my friend Suz and I spent an hour in the Catfe, the local cat cafe, who work with the SPCA to find forever homes for adoptable cats.  I wished we’d had another hour…..enjoy the pictures!  And if you are looking for a pet, adoption is the way to go!  Thanks Catfe!!!!

Fur, Fins, Feathers and more…..

Please enjoy some photos from my day…..I especially love the baby birds (of many kinds), and was so excited to see the urban beaver (from a distance, and in a different pond).  Happy Thursday to all!!!

New Arrivals

Today has been a very long and busy day, but I do have a few photos to share… Neva is learning a new language (HA!  Best $0.50 photo op I’ve ever bought at a thrift store).. …I walked by a crane being dismantled on the way to work.  These pics don’t really show how high…

Sunday and Monday

Today, I’m sharing photos that I took yesterday in Victoria (Happy Mother’s Day Mom).  I’m also sharing photos from today.  Most notable….spiders hatching, a deer that looks like a unicorn with it’s tongue sticking out, birds on sheep, eagles (taken from the car), my pinterest-y salad in a jar, and Dennis and I planted our…

Mom’s Day Weekend

Hi from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Dennis and I are both over here celebrating my Mom.  Neva stayed in the sunbeam of home this morning.  I’m including a shot of her, as well as photos of the ferry crossing (complete with eagle overhead), we went to a petting zoo (my Mom has never held…

A bit of sugar….

Happy Friday to all.  Just a few photos from today to share…. I found this tiny snail on a tree when I was walking to work…. …pretty!…… …where are her spots?…… …this sign outside of a fish market cracked me up….. …mother and daughter leapfrog over a plant in a man hole cover….. …and finally,…

Things that make you go “oooooh”

I have several photos that may make you go “oooooh”.  🙂  These include blooms, birds, dogs, fresh eggs from a friend’s chickens (sombrero optional – Happy Cinco Di Mayo), bugs, sap, people, the aquarium I have inherited at work, ducklings and goslings.  Hope you oooooh, just like I did!  

Slices of Life

Neva is still OBSESSED with her shoebox, is hilarious, and her whiskers were in full bloom this morning. After work, my friend Laura and I went for a walk and a catch up.  Here are the day’s photos.  Enjoy!  🙂 Random heart….

If it fits, I sits….

..or in Neva’s case, I sleeps…LOL!  This just can’t be comfortable.  Crazy kitty! Today wasn’t a normal Monday, I had a vacation day.  I spent most of my time inside, but I did take a walk to Cousin Helen’s, and took some photos along the way.  Enjoy!

Its no secret….

…that I love nature.  I love taking pictures of wildlife, foliage, sunsets, and all the other parts that make the natural world beautiful.  I crave and seek out nature in my city. But today, I took in a different environment. There is something really beautiful about taking a walk along a fairly bohemian street, absorbing…