Things may be a little…..

..different here in the land of lens3 for a week or so.  I think I mentioned my 18-270 lens was acting out and had to be sent to the manufacturer for repair.  And today, I took my dslr into the service place for internal and external cleaning.  I won’t be able to pick it up until Friday, and who knows how long the nice lens will be gone.  SOOOOO…..normal photos aren’t going to be here for a few days.  BUT….I will share my daily photo a day challenge shots (all from the archives) and just a few shots that I took on my phone.  Bear with me…..normal shooting SHOULD be back soon.  (I hope!)

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt for my 365 Photo group is “Sunnyside”.  I used this picture of a yolky heart, sunnyside up.


This week’s theme for my 365 Days in Nature group is “Earth”.  I used this shot from Lost Lagoon.


And my black and white Only Shades of Gray group can be anything….so I flipped this picture from a few months ago into B&W.  (It was taken in a little old fashioned ice cream shop here in the city)


Here are just a few shots from my camera phone.  I already know…..landscape shots turn out fine, close ups…less so, but oh well.  Happy Tuesday to all!!!







4 Comments Add yours

  1. findingradiance says:

    do you like the 18-270? I am looking at a better zoom lens without having to sell my soul. 😀


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      Hi Lori, yes the 18-270 is a wonderful lens. I highly recommend it. (though it is a little heavy)


  2. Fran says:

    Oh no, that must be so weird for you to be without your beloved camera!

    Lori I have the same lens as Roz and I love it. My camera came with a 18-70 mm lens and I don’t use this one anymore.


  3. Biz Velatini says:

    It’s like your child is at summer camp without your camera! I know you’ll be happy to get it back. And as I read this, I was thinking “I’ve never had my DSLR cleaned in the 5 1/2 years I’ve had it” oops!


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