Archive shots….

I am still lens-less, and will be until the end of the week.  I miss my camera…but in the big scheme of life, whatevah!  Just a while until I have my camera and my beloved lens back.  In the meantime, I have archive shots to share.

Today’s Photo A Day Challenge prompt is “Frolic”.  And these dogs are definitely frolicking.


My post for “Earth theme” week at 365 Days in Nature.


My post for Only Shades of Gray.


This is Neva’s daily shot for her Instagram Account (@Neva_Feline_At_Large).  I’m new to this Instagram, and it is staggering that you can take half an hour, follow a BUNCH of other cat accounts, and voila, over 1000 followers for Neva.  Social Media is very strange…..


This wood grain was my day’s post on The Random Heart Project (on Facebook, and on Instagram @the_random_heart_project)


And finally today, a picture from last weekend.  These are sangria popcicles.  (found the recipe online – it is red wine, fruit and pomegranate juice)  Booze and fruit on a stick….doesn’t get much better than that.


Happy Wednesday everyone!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Fran says:

    I am going to do that this weekend: follow lots of cairn IG accounts and make Bella as popular as the beloved beautiful Neva!


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