I thought….

…summer was supposed to be easy and breezy.  So far, summer 2016 hasn’t been particularly easy, or breezy.  In the big scheme of life, I have NOTHING to complain about, but life has certainly got in the way of regular walks and photo postings.  Seems like things around us are breaking, falling apart and needing some repair, some help or some extra care.  So Universe, thank you, you’ve pushed us a little, but we’re ready for a little ease.  And breezes?  Well, if they’re warm, by all means bring them on.  My favorite sound in the world is poplar type leaves in a breeze.

After all that is said and done, I have basically no photos from the last two days to share.  So when all else fails….

…here is Neva, my little Instagram media sensation (she’s now up to nearly 1600 followers) changing a channel with an invisible remote (ha).  She is also still being medicated after last week’s vet visits.  Most pet owners will agree, pilling cats is BRUTAL.  And as a result, she generally dislikes us, and isn’t her sweet cuddly self, but once we’re through things, she’ll get over it.


..here are mushrooms that look like boobs (so mature!)…


..flowers in the neighborhood….



..and two snails made their way onto our deck, so they were put on our little garden wizard ornament for a photo.


I hope everyone has a lovely weekend.  I’ll be checking in from my Mom’s place tomorrow.


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  1. Fran says:

    Bella says: “Neva, I’m so jealous of your 1600 followers! But I almost passed Mom on her followers LOL”

    We have had such hot weather the past days and I can’t handle it very well. So far we haven’t done much on our staycation because it was too hot. But cant complain, we have waited for Summer and it started this week and I’m off work and it’s good at home. Next week will be cooler and we will be able to go out and do things.


  2. Shelley B says:

    I’m sorry things haven’t been going so well – feel free to email me if you would like to vent.


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