A couple of recovery days

I’m looking forward to Friday.  Why?  I have an appointment that morning with a Physiotherapist.  I’ve been a bit in denial for a while, but I have minor carpel tunnel syndrome, have been wearing a wrist brace, but am finally waving the white towel and will go and get some treatment.  In the big scheme of life, completely minor, and certainly fixable, but painful nonetheless.  So, I’m taking a three day self imposed reduction in photography, just to let my hand/wrist rest up a bit.  I’ll have lots of photos to post on the weekend, but until then, I’ll just share my Instagram and Photo A Day shots.

Today’s prompt for 365 Photo is “Open Space”.  I used this photo taken from the ferry a couple of weeks ago….


It is “water” theme week at 365 Days in Nature.  There is water here, with a bonus heron and rocks….


I used this shot, taken last month for the Only Shades of Gray group…..


I’m pretty excited, my Instagram Account for The Random Heart Project hit over 1000 followers today. Thanks to all…I love how my little project is taking off and the love/hearts are being shared.  Today, I posted this photo.  There was a little surprise random heart from the sparkler on my Dad’s birthday cake.  Maybe it was my Dad sending us love back.  🙂


And finally, here is the daily shot for Neva’s Instragram Page. (@nevafelineatlarge)  Shes peeking out of her box for Whisker Wednesday.

IMG_3683 (2)

Happy Thursday to all!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. findingradiance says:

    Work on it now so you don’t have to have surgery later!


  2. Shelley B says:

    Why is it that the cure for most things is to stop doing what you like to do?? Sigh. I hope you can get your wrist issues resolved.


  3. Fran says:

    Oh no, not your wrist. I hope it’s nothing serious and that you can be helped quickly because Roz not photographing? The horror!


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