Treatment Day

I had my first physio appointment today.  I’m VERY hopeful my wrist is on the mend.  It is a bit sore now, from the massages, stretching, and I also had Intramuscular Stimulation with the little “acupuncture-like” needles.  Fun times!   So, today will be hopefully the last for a while “mini post” featuring my Photo A Day Challenge pics.

The prompt for today at 365 Photo is “Flashy”.  I posted this photo of Neva wearing her flashy dollar store tiara.  As you can see, she’s so impressed….not.  Sorry Neva.


It is the last day for “water week” at 365 Days in Nature.  I posted this shot, taken from the ferry a couple of weeks ago.


I posted this photo of the public piano in Victoria on Only Shades of Gray.


Over on Instagram, here is the day’s shot for The Random Heart Project (@therandomheartproject)..


And this was Neva’s IG photo (@neva_feline_at_large)  I decided today was “Funny Face Friday”….and Neva, that is a hell of a face.  🙂


Have a great weekend everyone!  We have some fun planned, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be sharing.  “See” you then.

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  1. Fran says:

    That’s good news about your wrist!


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