Picnic Night

Dennis and I grabbed a shawarma and had dinner on the beach tonight.  It was windy at first, but lovely. Lovely, despite me having a little grumpy fit because my camera lens returned from Markham Ontario today (way across the country), and though a few hundred dollars were spent in repairs, continued to not work properly. (GRRR!  Back to Markham….no more cost for me.  GRRR! )   But, I refused to let that stop us from enjoying our evening.  (and with manual focus mode, I could take some photos)

I’m also going to share Neva’s oh so fashionable (and now removed) tail tape, that was applied last week to keep hair out of her little (actually, not so little) abscess while it healed.  I think it is what all the stylish cats are wearing on the catwalks of Milan, Paris, London and New York this season.  Work it Neva….


Two hummingbirds having territorial issues at our feeder this morning….


A grab shot of my phone as I was reading this week’s Yummly newsletter that is emailed to me.  It contains popular recipes trending on line this week.  OOOPS!!!!!  (and the word “potatoes” is the one that doesn’t show on this screen view)  LOL…..


And now, shots from our beach dinner.  Have a good Thursday everyone!!

Random Heart on the beach….

















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  1. findingradiance says:

    Was that your 18-270 lens? And is it a Tamron by chance? I was going to get one of those, but the reviews have said they need a lot of repairs.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      Hi Lori, yup, it was the 18-270 Tamron. It came highly recommended by someone in a camera shop….and it was been GREAT. But getting it great again is proving challenging. Initially I was told the repair would be under warranty, but they determined that the issue was due to my “negligence”. I had some fungus and corrosion, that they’re thinking got in there in Costa Rica last year. I had to pay for the repair…. Now, the Auto Focus is working, but the shutter won’t. In manual mode, it works fine. GRRRR!!!!


  2. Fran says:

    So far the Tamron works very good for me. Let’s hope it stays that way 🙂 but what a bummer it’s still not working properly.

    What a lovely way to spend a workday evening this way.


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