Mini Blog Break

Hi All.  Just wanted to let you know I’ll be taking a WEE break from photos (and therefore, the blog) for a few days.  As many of you know, my wrist/forearm injury has been nagging and doesn’t seem to want to heal too quickly.  I’m working with a physiotherapist and though things are looking up, I’ve been advised to take a few days off of my shutter (AKKKK!), as well as  limit the use of my home laptop, where I edit photos.  My hope is to be back by early next week. (and I’ll still be around on facebook, and updating both The Random Heart Project and Neva’s instagram accounts. @therandomheartproject @neva_feline_at_large)

My larger lens should be repaired and returned (again) later this week, so I’ll be back with power – in my arm, and in lens length.  “Chat” next week!!!!   <3!


(source: Google Images)



4 Comments Add yours

  1. findingradiance says:

    Sorry you are still having wrist pain! Take time off and get better.


  2. Fran says:

    Better to take some time off and let it heal otherwise it will keep bothering you. I won’t go anywhere and wait patiently till you return. Take care sweety.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      ❤ <3!!! Thanks Fran. Hug


  3. Take care of you first!!!! xoxo


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