Batten down the hatches….

WOW!  Crazy winds and rains in our neck of the woods at the moment.   And power is off and on for some folks.  In fact, I had to pop by our vet’s last night (Neva is on meds…again.  sigh.  Poor kitty!!!!)  and they were closed as they’d been without power for some time.  Bring…

REALLY, the calm before the storm….

I had to run errands at lunchtime, so didn’t take too many shots on my walks back and forth to work today. But…here are some “shares” anyway. Neva doing her “Tickle my Tummy” pose….  (this is her shot for the day on Instagram) …an intentional yet random heart on a tree (with an angel)…. ….and…

Calm before the storm….

We are being warned that there will be some severe storms in our area, starting tomorrow night.  I decided to take a walk to Granville Island after work, and take some autumn shots while the leaves are still on the trees.  I also saw some interesting reflections, people, mushrooms, birds, window displays at the market,…

In my neighborhood…..

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO MY FELLOW CANADIANS!  I am grateful for my family in friends in many countries. We had a big ol’ turkey dinner….and this afternoon, while it was cooking, I took a very quick walk in our neighborhood.  Come with me….oh, and the hummingbird was on our deck.    

Autumn has arrived….

Today, I’m just sharing a few photos of autumn colours, taken over the last few days. (slowly getting back to my shutter….makes me happy, albeit, a little sore!  No complaints though, it’s good to be shooting again) And a random heart in the sap of a tree!  Happy  Sunday to all!

Z is for….

…zebra print shoes that I saw in a store window today. My wrist still isn’t completely healed, but now that the A-Z has come to an end, I will slowly add a few pictures each day.  Just a few….  I’m not able to shoot as much as before, but things are slowly coming back. I…

Y is for…..

….yellow.  Yellow sunflower with yellow and black bees.  (taken in August down at our community garden) Bonus shots…..a funny sign at a printer that I saw this afternoon, and a strange little addition to a child’s water park.  The graphic was on the cement wall by the fountain. Happy Friday everyone!

X is for…..

…xylophone.  I saw this guy playing at the Farmer’s Market this summer.  Bonus points for the dog photobomber.  LOL!!! Other bonus shots today….. A over lit hummingbird checking out a wasp at my Mom’s feeder. …and an eagle that I saw this afternoon.  Magic!

V and W….are for….. (and a bonus)

I’m playing catch up again.  I got back late from my Mom’s place on Monday…which was “V” day.  V is for VAPOUR!  I have never been a smoker, nor have I ever used one of those vapour/e-cigarettes.  I’m surprised how visible the vapour from the e-cigarette is.  Especially with backlight…. And W is for WISH….

T and U are for….

Hi from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  I’m playing catch up with some archive shots that are still sitting on my mom’s computer from past visits. T is for TAIL….of a very very cute puppy…. And U is for UNDERBITE. Have a good week everyone!!  

S is for….

…Sugar Glider.  This little thing belongs to a colleague of mine.  Strange little animal, but oddly adorable.