Photo Quad….

It has been a VERY busy couple of days, and I’m really sorry, I don’t have many photos to share.  BUT…I will share a shot of a tree that appears to have eyes (or an owl) in the area that was cut off…


My amazing poached egg with bacon and avocado on lemon/truffle potatoes, that I had when I met a friend for breakfast this morning before work.  (Hi Lon!)…


Neva with her Santa Stuffie…..


And finally….those who know me in real life know that I LOVE musical theatre, and listen to A LOT of cast recordings….my latest obsession is the Hamilton soundtrack.  I have no idea if I will a) be in NYC any time soon or b) could ever afford Hamilton tickets even if they weren’t sold out until who knows when….BUT….I follow the man who wrote it on social media….and woo hoo…..he liked a tweet of mine yesterday.    OMG…Lin-Manuel Miranda liked my tweet!!!!  Between that and Javier Munoz liking another, my Hamilton dreams are coming true.  LOL!  (I’m such a goof)


Will be checking in from my Mom’s place tomorrow.  Bring on the holidays, and the holiday weekend.  I’m sending much love to all of you!!  (and of course, to my new “besties” Lin-Manuel and Javier!  HA)

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  1. findingradiance says:

    That breakfast looks delicious! Have a safe trip, Roz


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