Yesterday, today…and my hat

My pink protest pussyh*t has found a new place in our home.  I think our mannequin head “Jezabel” wears it well.  Thanks Marion!!!

In other news….My Mom and I spent yesterday running some errands and going to a viewpoint.  It was officially cold.  🙂  These are my Sunday shots….

This morning, Neva was in play mode and hey, we got MORE snow.  Mother Nature, stop it!!!  These are today’s photos.  Have a good week everyone.

A stick and a robin that look like a hummingbird….sort of.  🙂

Duck yoga…

Other birds…

And HOPEFULLY, one last pile of snow.  Hopefully….

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  1. Biz says:

    I am with you – ready for spring already! Although I can’t complain because we hardly got any snow this year – I never pulled out my snowblower once this year which is unheard of! I think it was the first time in the month of January that we didn’t get any measurable snow in Chicago. Which means we’ll go from temps in the 30s to 80s 😛


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