I had…

..a salad for lunch.  I found seagulls who had starfish for lunch.  Gross!  But fascinating….and chatty.

….more birds….

..the Cavalia tent is coming down.  There were HUNDREDS of workers dismantling the site.  I get why ticket prices were so high, and what a logistical challenge it must be to move this show…..

…a fashionable shopping bag….

…speaking of fashion….interesting hair….

…and I walked by a photo shoot taking place in a store window.  The model drew quite a crowd, and I have “eyelash envy”.  🙂 ….

Flowers to bring attention to the model….

…purple shamrocks for sale….

…a flower growing on a bush.  (very early season bloom…)…

…I love “leaf skeletons”….

…tonight’s sunset from our deck…

Neva was full of play when we got home tonight.  This is her “bubble”, a hamper that is the toy du jour these days.

…and this is her posing with “Duck of the Irish”, in honour of tomorrow’s St. Patrick’s Day.  May the luck of the Irish find all of you!


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