Critters for Tuesday

Most of the day’s photos are of or involve “critters”.    This morning, I saw this hummingbird sitting in the tree by our deck.  And when he moved, his feathers changed colours.  Gorgeous!!

Peggy the frog spent the morning “hanging around”.  (I’m still smitten!)

Signs of spring on my quick lunchtime walk…

Awww!  Wonder what the story is behind this discarded long stemmed rose.

Can you see the critter legs in this photo?

OOOH, what is in the box?  Nothing apparently….

More feathery critters…

More of Peggy’s “yoga poses”….

“the climber”

“the hot lava, don’t step on the hot lava”

“the ballerina at the barre”

“the talking to the neighbor over the fence”

“the talk to the hand”

We had dinner with Cousin Helen tonight.  When we picked her up, we saw this….AWWW!

That turned to this when the squirrel crossed the road.  I’ll say it again…AWW!

Have a good Wednesday everyone!

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