Are you ready…..

…to AWWWWW???  After work today, I went for a walk around Lost Lagoon.  I have a busy weekend ahead, but I wanted to get some fresh air, and also see what is happening in one of my favorite places in the city.  (there are a few other shots from my day too…)  Enjoy them, and…

Throwback Thursday

I found this picture at my Mom’s house last weekend.  I’m the one on the left wearing the Brownie uniform (HA!), the dog is Pepper.  He was a wonderful pet. That’ll be it for the day….normal posts should resume tomorrow.  Happy Friday everyone!  From me, and Neva…. …and Peggy.  (so silly, and jazzy)  

Spring it on me

Oh groan…that was a bad title for a post that shows spring in full bloom here in Vancouver.  I’m in love with the baby birds, and can’t wait to see the little goslings that will hatch from the goose eggs soon.  Cherry blossoms are at their peak, and I got caught in a heck of…

Catch up, and spring in the city

Today, I’m posting photos that I took when I was with my Mom yesterday, and pictures from walks I took today.  Spring has truly arrived here in Vancouver.  Enjoy….

Hi From Victoria

Hi from my Mom’s place in Victoria. Photos to share today include those taken on and from the ferry, deer, moss, a lake and more deer. Enjoy the journey with me. And enjoy the rest of the weekend. HA!  I was eight…….

Finally Spring

Last night and today, it finally felt like spring here in Vancouver.  So excited to see babies in nests, and amazed to see other birds fighting it out in the sky.  The blossoms are nearly gone, there were some other blooms growing, and I made a new canine friend.  Cody is 3.5 months of gorgeous!!!!…

Firsts of the Season

It is late, but HAVE to share some things from the last couple of days. Has anyone else been sucked into the Starbuck’s marketing hype for the Unicorn Frappuccino?  I was… Odd looking, odd tasting, but good fun. The angle of this seagull makes him look like a seal.  All illusion, he was just walking…….

Still waiting….

…for those blackbird eggs to hatch.  There were a bunch of people with binoculars and zoom lens’ there today.  There are four different nests…time will tell when the babies emerge.  I was also pretty excited that recent rains have brought out some snails, which I love.  Strange thing too, the rains have brought out mushrooms,…

Two Days, not too many photos

We’ve had a nice couple of days here, but I didn’t take too many photos.  Yesterday, we had Cousin Helen over for Easter dinner, Neva and her sheep performed with vigor.  OH NEVA!  Today I zipped out between rain storms to see if the little baby blackbirds have hatched.  (I’m on nest watch, there are…

Practice will hopefully make perfect

I have recently been accepted as a volunteer event photographer for a non profit organization. (more on that will follow when I can)  To get some practice, and to also just enjoy another culture’s traditions, Dennis and I went to the Sikh Vaisakhi Parade today.  It was SOOOO colourful and energetic.  We loved it.  (and…

Jericho Catch Up

Happy Long Easter Weekend to everyone!  Yesterday, it was an off and on lovely day, so I went out for a photo walk.  Please come with me….and have a great Saturday. Couldn’t resist…..token Neva shot (with Rembrandt lighting)  🙂

Very, Very Silly

Clearly I am in a silly mood, because I have created a “yoga poses of Peggy” gallery.  Not all frog photos were taken today….but all poses were named today. Proceed reading at your own risk. Groaning is likely. I’ve also included photos from my lunchtime walk.  so, with tongue planted in cheek, here is my…