Firsts of the Season

It is late, but HAVE to share some things from the last couple of days.

Has anyone else been sucked into the Starbuck’s marketing hype for the Unicorn Frappuccino?  I was… Odd looking, odd tasting, but good fun.

The angle of this seagull makes him look like a seal.  All illusion, he was just walking….

More out of season mushrooms, courtesy of recent rains….

It isn’t every day that you see socks with profanities on them in a shop window…

The last of the full tree blossoms that I’ve seen….

I think my frog Peggy is growing….

Very exciting, I saw glimpses of baby blackbirds in 3 of the 4 nests we’ve been watching.

OOOH….tonight I saw the first goslings of the season…

Tonight, I was waiting for Dennis so killed a little time around the beaver damn.  And I saw…not just one…

Not just two…..

But THREE beavers swimming around.  They drew quite a crowd!  FUN!

And finally, this was on the way to our car.  Have a good Friday everyone.

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