Yesterday and today….

I’ve had a busy weekend.  A good one, but there weren’t that many photos taken.  Yesterday, the sunrise was beautiful….

Neva was flirty….

I was thrift shopping with a friend, and took this while I was waiting for her to come out of the fitting room…oooh, artsy….

Random heart in a Persian bakery…..

A couple of downtown shots from the car at red lights….

We had dinner at a friend’s house last night.  This is her cat after she was wildly sniffing me when we arrived.  I’m guessing she smelled Neva.  LOL!

This morning, I saw a snail so put him on a mirror, because…why not?

Beautiful spring blooms that I saw today….

I saw this from the sidewalk on my way to see…..

…the baby birds in Olympic Village.  The little solo one that I saw in a nest last week has ventured out (but not too far)…

And one from this nest of three is VERY close to fledging too.  So cute!!!  Could have watched them for hours….

Other little birds in the park…awww….

And just a couple of other miscellaneous shots…

Have a great week everyone!!!


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  1. Fran says:

    Beautiful photos. We have baby birds in the bird house in our garden. We hear them and mom and dad are busy feeding but we don’t see them. And since we don’t want to disturb them, we don’t open the bird house. Next year we are putting up a little camera in the bird house.


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