Friday Quickie

YAY!!!  We made it to Friday.  I just have a few photos to share today…..

Meet Zion, a neighbor’s 9 week old foster pup, who is with her for a month until he is sent to his trainer.  I’m in love…..

My little Peggy, multitasking….shedding skin and wearing a skirt at the same time. HA!

This duck couple have claimed a puddle by a sidewalk as their own.  Cute!

Photos don’t do justice to last night’s rainbow….

Snail in shell, little slug with no shell…aww…

Photos don’t do justice to the beauty of this tulip either.  Gorgeous!

I was so drawn to the curve of these leaves….

Lucky ladybug!

STILL waiting for the hatching…..

Just AWWW!

A Wilson’s Warbler….

Not only am I in love with the PADS puppy, I’m in love with this little blackbird fledgling.  He is lovely, expressive and delightful to watch.

Confession….I LOVE the smell of tar being poured.  (it reminds me of London…)

Random heart for the day….

Boxer dog of the day…aww….

Love this sign (perfect for Vancouver these days…)

Very ladylike pose Peggy….she is definitely growing….

And finally tonight, an amazing rainbow….

I will be checking in from my Mom’s house tomorrow.  Happy weekend to all!!!

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