Wednesday is my Friday this week

I have Thursday and Friday off this week (yay!).   Here are a few photos from my Wednesday (aka: Roz Friday)

Peggy was doing an excellent helium balloon, and the guppies made an interesting swish in the background…

Very strange, this large plane was REALLY low and not on a normal flight path…..wonder what was going on….

Dogs along for rides….

Seeds are up in our little community garden plot….

Very tongue in cheek “yoga photo shoot” with a flamingo garden toy.  HA!

Ducks, geese, goslings, crows and herons were out in force on the seawall (I went for a rainy walk after work)….

Some rainy blooms…

I walked by an area that had the Children’s Festival set up.  I may want to play this game…


And SO many more goslings and ducklings.  Love them, and just never get tired of seeing them.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone.


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