Another case of “Right Place, Right Time”

Today’s post has shots from the last couple of days.  The parks are full of amazing flowers, insects, birds (baby and grown), and tonight, I saw the famous beaver of Olympic Village.  I also took some shots of people, I found a creepy Barbie on a hedge, and saw a lady stepping into a church.  My frog Peggy is having a shed day so I took her picture too. On the way home tonight, I stopped by the place where we buy Neva’s food.  The store works with a local cat adoption agency, and today a grey mom and her four black kittens had arrived to be adopted.  The adoption lady saw my camera, and asked if I’d be interested in taking photos of the new arrivals for their website.  Um..YES!!!  So I spent half an hour playing with the cats, photographing, and assisting in them being microchipped and dewormed.  AWWWWW!   Be still my heart!!!  Then I was asked if I’d go regularly and photograph future kitties as they come in.  Um…YES!!!  What a fun volunteer gig for me, and it’ll be great to help find the kitties new homes.  But no Neva, we’re not getting another.  Have a good Thursday everyone!


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  1. Laura says:

    I’m so excited for you, Ros!!! What a great gig!
    Love all your pics all the time. Today especially like the rocks withe the fern felection.


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