Just a Quickie

As it often seems to be lately, the last couple of days have been jam packed.  That said, I did get a few shots around my hairdresser’s office and some wildlife photos in Olympic Village.  Enjoy, and have a wonderful weekend.  I’ll check in from my Mom’s house tomorrow. (I see a face in this…

Another case of “Right Place, Right Time”

Today’s post has shots from the last couple of days.  The parks are full of amazing flowers, insects, birds (baby and grown), and tonight, I saw the famous beaver of Olympic Village.  I also took some shots of people, I found a creepy Barbie on a hedge, and saw a lady stepping into a church….

Today, I am….

..a woman of few words, but of many bright and feathery pictures that I took today.  Enjoy!

Errands and wildlife

I’ve been off work for the last couple of days, and have been out and about running errands.  I also took a couple of hours to walk around the Richmond Nature Park yesterday and Lost Lagoon today.  Here are a slew of pictures from the the parks that I’ve taken in the last couple of…

Wednesday is my Friday this week

I have Thursday and Friday off this week (yay!).   Here are a few photos from my Wednesday (aka: Roz Friday) Peggy was doing an excellent helium balloon, and the guppies made an interesting swish in the background… Very strange, this large plane was REALLY low and not on a normal flight path…..wonder what was…