Scenes from Saturday

I’m over at my Mom’s in Victoria.  Quickly sharing some shots from the day.  As you can see, I’m clearly still obsessed with baby seagulls.  HA!  Have a good rest of your weekend everyone!  Enjoy the shots. Finally, this is me in kindergarten.  Sassy!!!  LOL!!!    

Perfect Day for Photo Walks

It was a beautiful day today, perfect for getting out and about at lunchtime and after work to get some exercise and take some photos.  Before that though, last night’s sunset sky was gorgeous.  Enjoy all the shots!

Gardens, bird ponds, frogs, puppies and of course….Neva

Here is a roundup of photos from the last couple of days.   These photos are our little workplace garden that I’m involved with.  All produce grown will be donated to a local women’s shelter. Speaking of my workplace, the frogs in our little aquarium are: posing… …dancing…. ..attempting push ups….. …and, PLOP! Neva’s vigourous…

Bird Pond and KITTENS!!! Oh my!

Today’s photos were taken at home this morning (the crow and Neva), the bird pond at lunchtime (herons were on full display) and the little kittens at our vet’s office.  The babies are now 4 weeks old, and they are nothing short of gorgeous!!!  Great news too, all three kittens have finalized adoptions (they’ll be…

Uncover Your Creeks

This morning, I volunteered a few hours of time and did some event photography for Evergreen, the national non profit organization that connects people in urban settings to their natural environments within the city.  They work in conjunction with municipalities and parks departments and provide education and volunteer opportunities for folks of all ages. Here…

You Otter Dance!

That title is a groaner.  I was off work today, but had a busy day nonetheless.  I was over in North Vancouver, in Olympic Village where I saw a gorgeous little otter, I had dinner with good friends visiting from out of town, then saw a group of dancers on the way home.  The head…

A small little album for Thursday

The only walks I’ve taken in the last couple of days is to and from work.  As a result, there aren’t many photos to share.  BUT….I’m off work tomorrow so normal posts should return soon.  In the meantime, voila…my little neighborhood (and my gorgeous Neva).

Mishmash of Photos

Here is a group of photos from the last couple of days.  Sunsets, twins, frogs, squirrels, birds, reflections, turtles, flowers, street shots and my artsy fartsy series called “men on scaffolding”. (ha!)  Enjoy!!

Garden and Granville….

…Island.  Today, I reseeded at our little garden plot, went to Granville Island, visited Cousin Helen and prepped meals for the week ahead.  I also had a close encounter with a hummingbird while I was having coffee on our deck this morning, and also found a snail shell.  Enjoy my Sunday shots, and have a…

Saturday Scene

I’m on my own today, Dennis is visiting his family for a week.  Neva and I are holding down the west coast fort…..and one of us had a big bath today.  Nice tongue Neva. I watched birds from my chair on the deck…. After some housework and kitchen prep, I ventured out to Commercial Drive…

Out and About

Today, I’m sharing a few photos that were taken on the road close to my hairdresser’s salon, at my little community garden, of the frogs in the workplace aquarium, a hummingbird, and of course, Neva stretching like a supermodel.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!

The Last Couple of Days

The baby crows are still squawking around our neighborhood (and entertaining Neva)… ..fall colours already?  No, just a Japanese Maple tree… of the last of the ducklings of 2017…. …lilies are everywhere right now…. ..bath time at the bird pond…. …and sunbathe time too…. …LOTS of dragonflies at the bird pond too…. …flowers in…