The Last Couple of Days

The baby crows are still squawking around our neighborhood (and entertaining Neva)…

..fall colours already?  No, just a Japanese Maple tree… of the last of the ducklings of 2017….

…lilies are everywhere right now….

..bath time at the bird pond….

…and sunbathe time too….

…LOTS of dragonflies at the bird pond too….

…flowers in the neighborhood….

…I saw this small hawk in a parking lot I was walking through last night.  I cut out the gory part of the photos, he was eating, and providing evidence of being a bird of prey.  Nature is cruel sometimes, but fascinating.  And he’s gorgeous…..

..this is 11 week old “Blue”.  Also gorgeous….

…a sign and a cake in a cake shop window….

…beer flights and fancy olives with my friend Melisa….

…my little frogs in the aquarium at work RARELY acknowledge each other, however, when they do, it is after they’ve both eaten.  I have no idea what that means….and they’re cute….

…amazing clouds in the sky tonight (and thanks for dinner and the table cloth Helen!!! <3!!!)…

…and finally….NEVA.  Have a good Thursday everyone!

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