Gardens, bird ponds, frogs, puppies and of course….Neva

Here is a roundup of photos from the last couple of days.   These photos are our little workplace garden that I’m involved with.  All produce grown will be donated to a local women’s shelter.

Speaking of my workplace, the frogs in our little aquarium are: posing…


..attempting push ups…..

…and, PLOP!

Neva’s vigourous game of pompom didn’t end well.  Pompom 1, Neva 0.

I saw this on the sidewalk today, and thought it was cool….

Tilt head to the left just a little, voila, random heart on the tree trunk…

I stopped by our vet’s office to give them the kitten photos from earlier in the week.  Look at this lovely little 10 week old puppy who is getting patched up from an minor injury.  OMG, AWWWW!!!!!

Pictures on and around the bird pond by our community garden…

Scenes and a dog at our community garden. (the dog’s name is Honey, and her owner is a fellow gardener)

Odd to see a cluster of mushrooms with the hot, dry weather…..

…got it!….

And finally, tonight when I got home from work I felt something on my arm.  It was a ladybug.  That is lucky!  (we transferred it to Dennis hand for a photo, then put it outside to fly away)  May we all have luck for the rest of the day.  Happy Thursday everyone!

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