FINALLY catching up

My last few days have been a bit crazy.  But I still took some photos and I’d like to share.  This deck contains photos from Sunday with Mom, a walk to our community garden via the bird pond, Neva, trees with personality, my frog, and a beautiful night sky.  Enjoy!

Not QUITE a regular post…..

I know I said that regular posts would return today, but the day again got away from us (moving storage lockers is FUN!  NOT) so I’m just sharing this picture of a tiny baby deer that I saw on my Mom’s street on Sunday…. Today’s Random Heart over @therandomheartproject on Instagram and Facebook… And Neva’s…

Regular posts will return tomorrow

I’ve had a very, very busy couple of days.  It is late, so I’m not going to post regular photos, but I will post this collage I created with a photo I took yesterday. I absolutely saw a face in this plant….would you have seen it too?

Over in Victoria

Hi from my Mom’s place.  Our pizza will be here soon, so just posting a few pics of the day, hitting publish and calling it a blog post.  Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

I’m back….

Hi everyone.  Sorry I have been MIA for a couple of days, life gave me other priorities than photo posting.  I’ll just catch up quickly with photos of our little garden, a walk I took the other night, Neva, frog skin (ewww), the bird pond, and a little gathering we had at our little garden…

Weekend Part 2…..Pollinator Project, a few stragglers, and today’s eclipse

As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, I had an event photographer gig on Saturday.  (I’ve been working with Evergreen, which is a not for profit organization that connects humans in urban settings to green spaces) Saturday’s event was called the Pollinator Project, and was a workshop for garden planning to attract native pollinators.  That is…

Weekend Part 1….

Yesterday was “World Photography Day”.  I certainly celebrated (unintentionally)….yesterday morning I had a volunteer photographer gig (photos will follow tomorrow once they’re sent to the organizers first) and last night, Dennis and I went to the Richmond Night Market.  It was packed but we loved it.  Such great energy, good food (I had veggie balls,…

The Market at the Italian Cultural Centre

Today, I made a quick spontaneous stop at an outdoor market at the Italian Cultural Centre. (I was actually on my way to the grocery store…)   Here are a few pictures I took, and for the record, the pistachio cannolli was delicious!  🙂  Have a great weekend everyone! What happens when you lose a…

Zombie Car and Ducklings

Quickly sharing a few pictures from the last day.  Highlights include a very very odd “zombie” car that was parked on a street I was driving on. (yup, pulled over, parked illegally and took a few photos), the aquarium at work, and today, I went to my little garden plot via the bird garden.  There…

Back to Blue Sky

It is soooo nice to go for walks again now that the smoke/haze has cleared and the temperatures have returned to normal.  As you can see, summer is still is full force.  Enjoy my photos from today….

Come with us….

My Mom and I had a lovely photo drive yesterday, I took a walk on the Lochside trail, we saw deer, street art and the sunset from the ferry last night was lovely.  Come with us and revisit the day….. (car wash artsy fartsy picture – with random heart)

Lavender Farm with Mom

Happy Weekend everyone!  I’m over with my Mom.  We had a full day of produce buying from roadside stands, garden centre visits (complete with giant chickens and kombucha/honey slush), a stop to photograph sassy llamas, and a trip to a lavender farm.  The farm offers yoga with baby goats, have gorgeous 14 week old puppies,…