Hazy Days of Summer

There are some terrible wildfires in the Northern part of British Columbia and winds have shifted and blown smoke and haze over the lower province.  Makes for amazing sunrise and sunset photos and shots of the visible sun through the haze, but wow….this combined with a heatwave is making it pretty unpleasant to be out and about.

I used this photo on a clear day not long ago and collaged it with a similar photo that I took out of our boss’ office window at mid day today.  Ug….

Even ug-ier…..this one was taken just before I came home tonight.  Amazing!  It looks like an old sepia photo.

Here are photos of last night and this morning’s sunrises and sunsets.

Neva’s new favorite spot is in front of one of our fans. Smart cat!

The rest of the photos are various birds, plants, insects (I have NEVER seen so many dragonflies!)  and scenery that I took when I went to water my vegetable garden.  Enjoy!


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