Weekend Wrap Up

We have had a three day weekend here.  Happy BC Day to my fellow British Columbians.

We’ve had a busy and fun weekend, filled with friends, love, dogs, cats, markets, haircuts, gardens…and hazy smoke that is still blanketing the city.

Saturday morning I got my hair cut (thank you Patty for fitting me in).  I stopped for coffee…and this little fella was greeting everyone on the street.  So cute!

This dog sat on my lap during my cut, then moved over to it’s owner’s lap while her colour was processing.  AWW.

Not sure what these sticky little things are, but our car was covered in them.  They’re interesting and looked pretty with a shadow.

There is a new community garden being built….

I found a small farmer’s market that I didn’t know existed….

I saw some little wildflowers peeking up through dry brush….

Geese hanging out on a baseball diamond.  Eww…don’t think I’d want to be sliding around on this pitch, if you see what I mean….

Our cat is adorable….and she loves hanging out in her boxes 🙂

Saturday night we were delighted to attend the wedding of our friends Gary and Rob. (Gary and I were room mates for years….we call them the “Will and Grace Years”.  Ha!)   Love is love no matter what, and we’re so glad that our friends can legally marry now.   Here are just a few photos….and in case you are wondering, Rob is a geologist and the cake was made by a friend of theirs to look like a gem.  It was all sugar, and it was a work of art….and delicious…..

It is pride weekend here this weekend (how appropriate), and this fly was flying at City Hall.

This morning I went and had a visit with my friend Lindi, her boys and her new assistance dog in training, 4 month old Mercy.  She is absolutely delightful.  We went to a park, and there were a few other shots taken there too.  All together….AWWWWWW!

Have a good week ahead everyone.

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  1. Fran says:

    Oh my gosh, how adorable is Lindi!

    What a great day to get married on Pride day. We had it over here too, it’s celebrated by a canal pride in Amsterdam. Never been there because it’s too crowded for my taste.


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