Weekend Part 2…..Pollinator Project, a few stragglers, and today’s eclipse

As I mentioned on yesterday’s post, I had an event photographer gig on Saturday.  (I’ve been working with Evergreen, which is a not for profit organization that connects humans in urban settings to green spaces) Saturday’s event was called the Pollinator Project, and was a workshop for garden planning to attract native pollinators.  That is the first bit of today’s post…..

…I have harvested the first tomato from our garden!  OOOH!!!!  I see caprese salads in our future…..

…this was last night’s sunset from our deck…..

…this morning I tried to get a photo of Neva wearing little sunglasses for a funny eclipse photo.  She’d have none of it.  And I don’t really blame her….

….check out the hilarious socks I got at the night market on Saturday.  So funny!  What a fine purchase for a Canadian…HA!….

…like the sunglasses, Neva seemed to want nothing to do with the Trump socks too.  Can’t say I blame her…

I was pretty excited to see the eclipse this morning.  The sun here was apparently obscured by 85% at its peak.  I was surprised how dark it DIDN’T go (I expected twilight type darkness, but it was more along the lines of heavy cloud cover) but what DID surprise me was the sudden and extreme drop in temperature. My collagues and I joined other building workers and shared the experience.  Here are various photos. The sun shots were taken through a window, and I didn’t look through the viewfinder, so they were a fluke.  I hope you enjoy the shots as much as we enjoyed the experience.

AND FINALLY…this random heart formed on a wall in our office when the sun hit a glass on someone’s desk.  OOOH!

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