Busy Friday but with a little time for me

The last couple of days has been a little crazy. (involving downstairs neighbors, plumbers, landlords, visitors, strata councils, wild work, haze, smoke, rain, more plumbing, and some errands)  I took a little breath in the middle of the whirlwind and took an hour to walk around my long lost happy place Lost Lagoon.  It was good for the soul. (it is obviously crow molting season too…wow…they look mangy)  I also am simmering a batch of tomato jam in the slow cooker.  (12 hours and counting….our home smells wonderful) My garden has given us an abundance….and one of the tomatoes came with it’s own “eyes”.  Enjoy my crazy Friday photos….and I’ll check in from my Mom’s place tomorrow.  Have a good weekend everyone.

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