National Kale Day

Happy National Kale Day (HA!) and Happy World Animal Day. (so many “days”)  I’ve been very very busy and the last couple of days have been a bit consuming and emotional, so I haven’t taken many photos.  I do have some new residents in my work aquarium, and had a squirrel standoff.  Also notable are the red leaves that are becoming very common in our neighborhood.  Here are a few shots from the last two days.

In honour of National Kale Day….

This is Sue –  Short for sushi.  Sadly, Sue didn’t last 24 hours in her new home.  RIP Sue short for sushi….you were pretty….

Maggie the frog (who was the last frog standing….literally) was checking Sue out…

This is the another new fish.  Meet Sasha – Short for sashimi.  (these fish are VERY active, and are not easy to photograph through glass and water)

After the loss of Sue, we got a new friend for Sasha….meet Tsu – Short for Tsunami.  🙂

And we got a new frog too.  This is Pippa.  We noticed some time after she arrived that she is actually missing her right “hand”.  Doesn’t seem to phase her, she’s active, and seems happy and hoppy in her new surroundings.

The cooler weather and heavy dew is bringing out some mushrooms on the grass….

Fall leaves are starting….they’ll be REALLY pretty in a couple of weeks….

Squirrel standoff.  Literally….

Very hopeful that things sort themselves out a little and regular posts return tomorrow.  Have a good Thursday everyone.

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