The Last Couple of Days

To my Canadian readers, HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEKEND!  To those not celebrating Thanksgiving this weekend, Happy October!!

Thursday night’s full moon was AMAZING!  I took this photo from our deck.

Friday’s sunrise was also amazing…..

All was going well in our work aquarium on Friday.  The new fish have settled in, and the new little from with only one hand, which we’ve named Pippa, has a big personality, and even bigger dance moves.

(there is a random heart in the photo below)

Clouds from our office window…

Robins are starting their annual berry feast outside of our apartment.  And Neva is fascinated by them…

Speaking of Neva….

Hummingbirds at our feeder this morning….

A crow on the power line….

Still fascinated…..

Clouds off the deck….one half heart, and a full random heart.  Love from above!

Tonight we had Cousin Helen over for Thanksgiving dinner.  Here are a few (badly lit) shots.  Despite the poor lighting, we are grateful.  🙂

Happy Weekend to all!!


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  1. Mary says:

    A Most Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours, Roz. Love your flower arrangement/containers, food and, of course, Beloved Neva. Poor Pippa; what a sweetheart and has managed quite well with her disability. Our “hummers” seem to have moved further South; sadly, as I had a full container left for them to “sip” on. Again, Happy “T” Day.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      Thank you SO much Mary!!! I hope you’ve had a beautiful weekend!


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