It is FINALLY Friday

I’ve had a really busy couple of days workwise….so as a result, there are few photos to share.  However, to recap the last couple of days…..I grabbed an arepa at a food truck the other day.  (I am not eating meat at the moment, this one had cheese, avocado and tomato)….it was, no joke, freaking AMAZING!!!!

I found a random heart. (a little concerned that I haven’t seen many random hearts over the last few days.  Hopefully they start to appear again soon!_

Halloween leftovers…..

The autumn colours are AMAZING this year.  I read that it is because of our long, very very hot summer.

We had a sad and tragic loss in our aquarium yesterday, my little one handed frog Pippa succumbed to the froggy bloat that is apparently quite common.  AWW!  But, the tetras are alive, well, vibrant and full of life.  They’re lovely fish….

First snowfall of the year on the North Shore mountains. (taken from my Boss’ window this afternoon)

Droopy hydrangeas that I walked by on the way home tonight….

Sunset tonight….

Commuter buzz on Commercial Drive….

Full moon tonight….


Finally….Hi Neva!   Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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  1. Mary says:

    Oh, so sad. Lil Pippa will be missed. Enjoyed seeing her. Rest in Peace in Froggy Heaven, Sweet Dreams all whole again.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      Thanks Mary!!! She was a small frog with a big big personality, and she will indeed be missed. However, we still have her companion Maggie. Which we’re beginning to wonder if is actually “Max” and we made a mistake when we thought he was a she. LOL!!! Have a wonderful week!!!


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