Getting in the Holiday Spirit

Warning: This post may not be for the faint of heart….

Example #1 – Wanna see my baby teeth???  LOL!  Look what my Mom kept for all these years.  I need to incorporate these into a small pumpkin next Halloween.

Example #2 – My two frogs have been very, very amorous for DAYS.  And what we’ve realized (or at least, we think…) is that they’re both male.  We have no judgement on that, frogs, live your truth.  But I must say, the escapades every afternoon isn’t doing much for my productivity at work.  LOL!!!

AND…we move on to things that aren’t really for the faint of heart.  Escapades on our deck, of the hummingbird kind….

REALLY amazing clouds, also taken from our deck….

Neva doing her Egyptian Sphinx impression….

A crow, looking nothing like an Egyptian Sphinx…

Leaves on a plant, and leaves in a puddle….

Snow on the mountains, that I saw on my way to work this morning…

And tonight, I went to Christmas at Hycroft (thanks Helen!!!!).  I’m officially getting into the Holiday spirit as a result.  Enjoy the photos!  And enjoy the weekend.


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