The Last Few Days….

Just playing catch up on a few photos from the last few days.

We may as well start off with my frisky frogs….I’m planning on adding some word bubbles for them, and for the fish above….

Artwork at a site I was working at last week….

Spanish?  Or vandalism?  Pretty sure the word “elevator” will be fixed asap….

My elf made an appearance at a social event I had to go to.  Dip looks good on him…..

Oh look, they’re at it again…..

A little bird on our deck the other morning….

I walked by a very unusual front yard a few days ago….this is just the tip of the iceberg….

A new mural on Main St.

Oh look, at it YET again….sigh.  It happens A LOT! Ha!

I definitely see a face in the snowy side of Grouse Mountain….which was seen/taken from our deck….

Also on our deck…..

We drove by a house with MANY inflatables.  ‘Tis the season…

Treats to be taken to a gathering….in front of my new Santa.  ‘Tis the season here too….

And here are some photos of our gathering.  Good times with good friends!  We’re very grateful for them all!



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