Thursday and Friday

I am really glad it is Friday….what a week.  What a couple of weeks!!!  Never a dull moment in the land of Lens3.  However, I do have a few photos to share…

I LOVE leaf “skeletons” and the beauty of dried leaves that are left on a tree….

Fog rolling over the city (taken from my boss’ office)

Another member of Neva’s “Christmas Squad”….

When I was walking to work today I saw this group heading into a lovely church which is beside their school.  Just made a couple of interesting pictures, and love the straggler at the back running to catch up…

AND….came in to more froggy fornication in the aquarium this morning…..again…

These fish really are beautiful….

Playing with photos of a glass paperweight….

And the winner of the hilariously worst Christmas decorations of 2017 are these!!!  Horses in glamour fashions with wine glasses in hand.  These were already 70% off (who would buy these at full price???  They weren’t expensive even before the discount…lol) .  Horribly fantastic, aren’t they????

Bedtime….good night!  Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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