Its Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas….

…here in the land of Lens3.  We FINALLY put up our Christmas tree last night.  Neva was very helpful….

This morning….

Tonight (note cat under tree)…..

Artsy Fartsy photos with glass balls….

Neva’s Elf…member of her Christmas Squad….

Some public art that I saw yesterday….

And I met this lovely puppy.  Meet Ollie, 12 week old mix of Bernese mountain dog and poodle.  All together….AWWWWWW!!!!

Looking for the baby…..

The sun TRIED hard to peek through clouds….

I walked by some straggler blooms that didn’t get the memo that it is December….

And glasses that didn’t get the memo that they don’t grow on trees….

Squirrel with its mouth full…

I saw one bird standing out in the crowd of others….Good for you little fella!  Be you!

In other bird news….this hummingbird was at our feeder…and it was raining.

Little bird under some steps….

Seagull being chased by crow….after it was chasing the crow…..

And finally, a boatload of little birds in hedges, trees and at feeders.  (they were EVERYWHERE today)..


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