Pre Christmas Catch Up

Hi everyone!  I’m over at my Mom’s, and playing photo catch up from the last couple of days.   First of all, here is tiny Elf on a Shelf…not on a shelf at all, he’s in the snow.  And the hummingbird was also not on a shelf, he was on a branch…

Snow, then ice, then sunshine, and one random heart….

Birds, seen on my walk to Olympic Village a couple of days ago….

An eagle????

False alarm, it is a crow with a bun….

More photos on the way to Olympic Village….and at the beaver pond.  There were no beavers in sight…


A little duck aggression….

A surprise “Christmas Tree” on a rock….

More bird actions….

And…assurance that there will be ducklings in the pond come spring…oh, you frisky ducks!!!

And just one more snowy shot….

Speaking of frisky….oh, you frogs!  Putting on a show for the seasonal dancing frog ornament.  Oh dear…to the froggy action, and the horrific yet hilarious garish ornament.

I LOVE ice patterns….beautiful!!!

Dennis and I went to the Bloedell Conservatory to see their Arctic Illumination Display the other night.  It was pretty, and cold….and the lighting gave some of the birds in there a red glow.

My friend’s puppy Otis.  He’s 5 months old…

Guess having Otis visit made the frogs frisky again.  Sigh.  They are perpetually frisky….and it is pretty funny.

Neva crashed out, and using the Penguin’s Santa hat as a pillow.  LOL, it looks like the penguin is looking at Neva with confusion….

I loved the leaf skeleton in the holly….

More ice patterns….


A photo for my random heart project Christmas greeting….

And finally, an illuminated cat.  Sorry Neva (not really).  And yes, she will likely be filing a grievance with the Feline Supermodel Union for danger and illuminated hardship.  HA!!!!   Happy Holiday season to you all!!! <3!!!  I’ll be back with Christmas shots in the next couple of days!





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