R.I.P Pauley

Sadly, we said a very rapid good bye to Pauley, the frisky (or formerly frisky) little frog in my workplace aquarium.  No idea what caused the demise, but he will be missed.  Especially from the object of his copious and relentless affection, Matty.  We’ll get Matty a new friend soon, but today, R.I.P Pauley.  You…

The Rest of the Weekend

Happy Monday everyone!  Today, I’m just catching up on my weekend photos.  As you can see, it was dark, rainy, but there was interesting light.  And we loved watching two otters play and eat fish. I’m also including a few cloud photos from today.  January may be cold, rainy and dark, but as you can…

The Weekend So Far….

Hi from my Mom’s house over in Victoria.  My mom had a few appointments, so I came over a day early.  The weather has been a bit extreme, super rainy, cloudy, then a bit of sun, big winds….I guess fairly typical January.  Here are just a few photos from the last couple of days.  Happy…

Catch Up Time Again….

Sharing some shots from the last couple of days.  Lots of frogs and fish, some Neva, and my very, very muddy rainy walk to the bird/beaver pond.  Come on along with me….wear rubber boots!  🙂  

Happy Tickle Tummy Tuesday….

…..from Neva and I.  (too busy for photos in the last couple of days….hopefully normal schedules will return soon)    

Fly Like An Eagle

Today, I’ll start today’s post with pictures from my aquarium, and then, as you’ll see, I saw some eagles today.  I was in Delta, about half an hour out of the city….amazing, and SOOOOO cold!  Enjoy the photos despite difficult lighting and a very cold camera.  Happy Weekend to all!  

Eight Years Ago…..

..today, we adopted our beloved Neva from the shelter she was in after being seized from a hoarder.  At the time, she was a bit ratty, very malnourished and a little mangy, but there was something about her, and we had to have her in our home.  It was one of the smartest things we’ve…

Sunday shots on Monday

I’m back from my Mom’s place, and back to reality.  It was a busy day at work, so no walking, so I’ll share some photos I took yesterday.  Mom and I took a photo drive to Esquimalt Lagoon, the Saanich Peninsula and we went shopping at a garden/gift store.  Enjoy my Sunday shots, and have…

Dreary ferry crossing

Today wasn’t a good photo day, it was grey, dreary and cold.  And it was also a day of lots of errands with  my mom.  Despite that, here are JUST a few photos from the day.  Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

Catch Up Friday

I have had a very very busy couple of days, so photos and walks have taken a bit of a back seat to life.  I did however, get just a few shots when I took a quick walk a couple of days ago, one of Neva, and shots of my frogs shedding (and shagging at…

Bird Pond Quickie

I took a quick walk at lunchtime down to the bird pond.  No beavers today, just birds….come with me.  And enjoy!  

Now THAT is a face!

I have next to no photos to share today….it hasn’t been a photo taking couple of days….however, here are my frogs getting up to some shenanigans and playing leap frog.  Literally… Neva is giving QUITE a face…. ..as is my protein pancake.  LOL!  That is quite a face, and was quite healthy and delicious…. Normal…