The Beavers are back in town….

Today, I’m sharing a few shots from my aquarium….one of each of the frogs, and the piece of skin that shed off of one of them.  I think the fact you can see where the foot was makes the skin fascinating….

Neva is holding down the cover of my vegetarian cookbook….guess she’s still very partial to meat. (and Dennis is not eating vegetarian right now, so she gets little bits of meat, along with her cat food.  Lucky Neva)

Today I walked down to my long lost bird pond.  The sidewalks/seawall around it is closed because it is being restored, but I took the back way, and saw evidence of beavers…yikes!!

AWWW….someone clipped little birds to a tree.

Then, I heard a whole bunch of chewing, and wow….three beavers.  Couldn’t get a photo of all three of them together, but wow.  There were also squirrels and gnarly trees.  Fun!  I was at the right place at the right time.  Enjoy!!!


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