R.I.P Pauley

Sadly, we said a very rapid good bye to Pauley, the frisky (or formerly frisky) little frog in my workplace aquarium.  No idea what caused the demise, but he will be missed.  Especially from the object of his copious and relentless affection, Matty.  We’ll get Matty a new friend soon, but today, R.I.P Pauley.  You were a big personality in a tiny frog body!  This is the last picture taken of him before, well, he wasn’t exactly right side up.  The way I see it, he went out with style and pizzazz.

Speaking of pets (and thankfully, this pet is full of vinegar today), Neva had a photoshoot before I left for work this morning.  So supermodel-y….

Photobombed by “Nippy”, the new catnip chicken that became the latest member of her squad last weekend!  LOL!  (so silly!)

Nippy certainly gets her excited, but then she crashes hard!

Very hard….sweet nip dreams Neva!

In other photos, I was down at the beaver/bird pond.  No beavers today, but definitely LOTS of birds.  I LOVE the reflections of the Hooded Mergansers, which were floating and sleeping.

I saw a couple of random hearts….

Here are the rest of the shots from the park.  Enjoy!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Mary says:

    OH, poor Pauley. He did put on a show didn’t he, surely carrying on (as there is endless energy, life) in Froggy Heaven.


    1. Roz LeBlanc says:

      LOL Mary! Yes, I’m QUITE sure the carrying on continues in the big tank in the sky!!! Go Pauley go!


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