Stanley Park Friday

Happy Good Friday to all.  It was a lovely day today, so I went for a walk in Stanley Park.  Come with me….and enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Spring has sprung

Neva’s response to the bad title…ha! Spring has arrived in Vancouver.  YAY!  Enjoy the photos….  

Heron Now…..and a heads up…..

That title is a groaner, and the heads up being….this is a very heron centric post.  If herons frighten you, scroll quickly.  (ha!)  Yesterday, we went and saw the huge heron colony in Stanley Park, who nest there every year.  It is noisy, action packed and amazing.  And within a couple of weeks when the…

Our Seawall is Open!

The seawall around my favourite bird pond has been closed for MONTHS.  Very excited to see today that the renovation is complete, and the pond is now fully walkable again.  The busy nesting squirrels seem to have full access again too. (Ha!)  Here are the day’s shots, from the birdpond, and a few extras.  Happy…

Sunday Catch Up

Today’s post are photos from my Sunday in Victoria with my Mom.  As you can see, it was a lovely day, and there were many photo ops to be taken!!!  Enjoy!

Home and Away

I’m over at my Mom’s house….and sharing a few photos from home (the birdfeeder, snow geese, the sparrows and the eagles we saw on the way to the ferry), from the crossing on the ferry this morning, and a few taken while we were out and about today.  LOVE the mom deer cleaning her little…

Sunrise, Sunset and things in between

Catching up from the last couple of days…..we had an amazing sunset yesterday…. (first photo taken with the panorama feature on my camera)  Pictures don’t do justice, the sky was gorgeous! We had some very “interesting” hummingbirds at the hummingbird feeder.  Ha!  Neva was amazed! And the hummingbirds returned when this little group moved on….

Suns out, lens out…..

We had a little feeling of spring today.  I’m still a little cough-y and low energy, but after work, I took an easy walk to Olympic Village.  Didn’t see the famous beaver, but saw all kinds of other “action”…. Random heart….. And in other news….we had hummingbirds and “angry” birds at the hummingbird feeder this…

The Last Couple of Days

Just a few shots from my last couple of busy days….hope everyone is having a good weekend!  

It’s BACK!

So happy to have my beloved camera back.  I’m still recovering from a relentless cold and the rain has also been nasty for the last couple of days, so I haven’t been out for a walk, but here are a few shots taken on my walks to and from work, and here at home. Interlopers…

Exciting News….

…look what I picked up this afternoon!  Come to Momma!!!  LOL! I had a long work day today, so didn’t have a chance to take any photos with it, but I do have photos from yesterday and this morning.  A few from Victoria, a couple from the ferry crossing back home, a random heart in…