Scenes from a Camera Phone

Womp, womp……still waiting for my camera.  Actually, timing of this couldn’t be better, I’ve been sick for a week or so, and though I’m functioning for the most part, my energy is non existent and I cough ALL the time, so I wouldn’t be out on photo walks anyway.  I have used my camera phone to take a few shots while I was out and about in the last couple of days….

First of all though, I was playing with a print feature on lunaprint….I hit an art feature by accident, but kinda like the result. (photo on the left is the original)  The two don’t look related, but they are, and I think the artwork is interesting…..

Lunchtime in the workplace aquarium….

…one of the frogs shed some skin, and I think the fold looks like a face….

….another aquarium shot….

…a piece of ice that looks like a fish.  Well, I see a fish, but remember I’m on cold meds.  LOL!!

…yesterday was COLD, but sunny.  I took these from an office in my workplace….

…random heart in some churned up grass…..

…this was taken when I left work yesterday….

….I met my good friend Marion for dinner last night.  We went to Steveston, and the evening sky was lovely….

…and finally, this was also taken from a workplace window.  There was a peaceful protest outside of our building today.  It took place in from of our MLA’s office, and saving wild salmon was the topic of the day….

Have a WONDERFUL weekend everyone!!!!!

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