Suns out, lens out…..

We had a little feeling of spring today.  I’m still a little cough-y and low energy, but after work, I took an easy walk to Olympic Village.  Didn’t see the famous beaver, but saw all kinds of other “action”….

Random heart…..

And in other news….we had hummingbirds and “angry” birds at the hummingbird feeder this morning….

Just noticing…..Neva’s back legs look like random testicles.  Strange angle…..

And in my workplace aquarium…turning a cartwheel….

…playing an invisible piano…..

…looks like he’s flipping me the bird….

….checking out the people walking by…..

…lean on your friends…..

…and then get frisky and try things on your head.  Oh my!!!

Such silliness.  Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!!!!

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