Scenes from today

Hi from my Mom’s house.  Here are a few photos from today, birds, lambs, amazing beach scuptures, and my mom with the Premier of BC.  (long story…lol) Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!

More Spring Days, and Colours

Here are shots from the last couple of days.  It has been beautiful, sunny, and spring is in full swing.  It is also World Penguin Day.  Neva celebrated. (HA!) Enjoy!  

Earth Day Teaser

Last Sunday was Earth Day, and I volunteered as event photographer for an event run by a local non profit organization.  The organization worked with the city and got a group of volunteers to come out, remove some invasive plants from a local greenspace, and plant some native plants in place. I took HUNDREDS of…

Iona and Lost Lagoon

Friday after work, I was at the airport to pick up Dennis.  I was a little early, and even though it was pouring I took a quick walk in the Iona area.  Saturday, I took a good for the soul walk around my happy place, Lost Lagoon.  Come with me, and have a good week…

Spring has sprung at Granville Island

The first of the year’s goslings have arrived.  As have other signs of new life, creativity and busyness at Granville Island.   Come with me….  

Catch Up Part 2

Hi all.  Here are a few photos that I took on the weekend when I was over in Victoria with my Mom. Enjoy! (and yes, that is a goat stampede!  FUN)

Catch Up Begins

Hi All.  So sorry I have been M.I.A for a couple of days.  Real life, and celebrations of lives had to take priority over photos.  So, it is catch up time.  These are just a few photos I took on a sunny day late last week.   More catch up will follow tomorrow. This first one…

A few more from the last couple of days

Still in recovery, but here are just a few photos from the last few days… Confirmation that ducklings will be waddling around soon…. A very lovely succulent… Faces on a wall that I walked by….. Bird silhouette…. And walking into the weekend.  Have a good weekend everyone!  

Still in Recovery Mode

Happy to report that my wrist/arm injury is slowly improving.  Not enough to spend lots of time editing photos….but things are looking up.  In the meantime, here are just a few photos from the last few days. Neva reclining on a new cushion, and looking at hummingbirds.  Very comfy… Our friend Rob, playing some live…

Two from today

I walked home the long way past the bird/beaver pond tonight.  I took these two pictures there…. Happy Tuesday to all!  

A Quick Check In

Hi all.  Unfortunately, my posts will be fairly brief for a couple of weeks.  We have ALL kinds of events/appointments etc here in the land of Lens3, but I also have a painful flare up of a wrist/elbow injury.  I can click a shutter, but editing photos and posting lengthy entries here is a little…

Furry and Feathery Catchup….

…with some street art thrown in for good measure.  I’m back in Vancouver…and these are a few photos that I took over the last couple of days.  Enjoy!