Two today, more to follow

It is very late….so just posting two photos from today.  More will follow tomorrow.  Happy Thursday all.

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, we were out and about with my Mom, and saw some amazing old artifacts and farmland.  The trip on the ferry back home was lovely, and it was busy at our hummingbird feeder.  Today I went down to the community garden after work (we’ve got lettuce, cucumber and beans all coming up), then did…

Bit of a Circus

Hi from my Mom’s place in Victoria.  Dennis and I drove on the ferry this morning, and our regularly scheduled sailing was cancelled.  They offered to divert us to Nanaimo, which is about 90 minutes away from Victoria.  We jumped at the chance to a) actually get ON a ferry and  b) have a fun…

Spring Days

Happy Friday everyone!  Here are just a few shots from my last couple of days.  There is life in our little community garden plot, it was busy at the bird pond, and I went to the Cat Cafe with a good friend.  One of the kitties will likely be going home with her!  I’ll keep…

Catch up time….again

Over the weekend, I unexpectedly went over to my Mom’s place.  All is fine, and I took some photos on the journey there and back.  When I got back, I  went to Commercial Drive, Dennis and I planted seeds in our community garden, and we saw some birds doing what birds do at the pond…

Friday Catch Up

I had the day off work on Friday, and was able to visit Westham Island, which is about half an hour outside of the city.  It is a rich farmland, and has the BEST migratory bird sanctuary I’ve ever been to. It was a lovely day, and I was going to post pics earlier, but…

Neva is….

…ready for the Royal Wedding.  (and will be filing an addendum to her outstanding grievance with the cat union for exploitation and silliness.  HA!)

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Hi All.  Dennis and I are over in Victoria celebrating Mother’s Day with my Mom.  Here are photos from our day…..  And Happy Mother’s Day to all Moms out there.  (and those looking out from above) xo

After work walk

It is so nice to have nice weather and good light again.  As I did a couple of times this week, I went for a walk after work.  Come with me, and have a GREAT weekend!