Bird Pond, Bird Feeder, and things that grow

In the last couple of days, I harvested and watered our little garden plot (radishes are pickled, hopefully that’ll take the “pepper” out a bit), I met a woman with a very cute baby (photos published by her request and are emailed to her), I met a cute dog too, I saw lovely flowers, and…

Clouds, snails and a stragglers

Yesterday, when we were on our way back from Victoria, the clouds were AMAZING!  The photos below don’t do justice.  It poured with rain once we were home, which brought out some snails on our deck.  They’re very photogenic.  (there are some straggler shots too….which include pets in various stages of silliness…)  Enjoy! Shadow that…

Deer Yoga

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Dennis and I are over here celebrating his birthday, and hanging out with my mom.  I saw some very interesting deer yoga poses today, among other things (and those gross purple things are starfish).  Enjoy, and happy first weekend of summer to all.    

Flowers and fountains and baby birds….oh my!

VERY silly title….I know.   When I got back from my unexpected trip to Victoria, Dennis and I took a walk around Queen Elizabeth Park (as you can tell, he’s very open to taking people’s photos), we went downtown, then to a beautiful park in Chinatown.  The next morning, we were woken to baby crows and…

Catch Up again

Hi All.  Here are the rest of the extendo weekend shots from my ferry trips, and a day spent with my Mom.  Enjoy!  (and happy summer to all!)

Car Free Day Sunday

Hi Everyone.  Hope your weekends went well.  On Sunday, Dennis and I took in a local street festival called “Car Free Day on Main St”.  Here are shots from the festival.  Tomorrow, shots from an unexpected visit with my mom.  THEN…I’ll be caught up.  In the meantime….Car Free Day…..  

Saturday Stuff

Hi All.  Hope the last weekend of spring is treating you well.  I was out and about quite a bit yesterday, then we had dinner with some good friends.  Here is a quick peek into our Saturday.  Enjoy!  And to all Dads…happy Father’s Day.  I’m sending love to my Dad above.  We miss him sorely,…

Friday Photos

Happy Friday everyone!  Today, I’m just sharing some shots that I’ve taken over the last couple of days.  They’re from our deck, while I was just out and about, and last night Dennis and I went down to Olympic Village after work and saw some beavers.  Enjoy!  And enjoy the weekend too!

Say hello to my little friend…..

…Matty.  I’d love to say I’d trained him to smile when I said cheese, but truth be told, I just lucked out when I took this photo with my phone camera today. Happy Thursday everyone!

Technical issues resolved

YAY!!!  I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled my photo editor, and am trying a new program….so without further adieu, here are the photos from last weekend and from the beaver pond on Monday.  Enjoy!  

Teaser for the last few days

Hi All.  I am currently reinstalling my photo editor, so don’t have many photos to share.  (grrr!  Technical issues!  GRRR) Here are just a few teaser shots that I’ll be sharing when I’m back up and running at full speed.  Enjoy! (and wish me luck with this software. GRR)

Just a quickie from Victoria

Hi from my Mom’s house in Victoria.  Just going to share a few photos from the day today, then head over and hang with my mom for the evening.  Have a good rest of the weekend everyone!